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Contrinex all Stainless Steel Sensors - tiny, tough, smart and indestructible!

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22 August 2016



Contrinex All Stainless Steel Sensors…….tiny, tough, smart and indestructible!



The new Series 700 All Stainless Steel miniature inductive sensors from Contrinex are the smallest self-contained inductive sensors on the market. Available in sizes M5 and Ø 4 mm as both PNP and NPN types, they are ideal for use wherever space is scarce and operating conditions are harsh. Thanks to a high-quality ASIC with integral IO-Link interface, all PNP-types in this series satisfy the requirements of smart factories.


All Series 700 miniature sensors have excellent temperature stability from -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to +158°F), a high switching frequency up to 1200 Hz and a long operating distance of 3 mm.


The robust, one-piece stainless steel housing of these inductive sensors has IP68 and IP69K protection. It is corrosion and sea water resistant plus it can withstand pressure up to 80 bar.


These housing characteristics, combined with encapsulated electronics, ensure consistently optimal reliability even under high loads and in demanding environments, for example in robotics, micromechanics or linear drive technology. With an IO-Link interface integrated as standard, these sensors are well equipped for the demands of modern smart factories.


Thanks to their subminiature size, robust housing and long operating distance these All Stainless Steel miniature Series 700 sensors are ideal for applications that require the highest reliability and durability in the smallest space. Despite being tiny these new Contrinex devices do not sacrifice mechanical strength which virtually eliminates sensor-related downtime.


Features and Benefits at a glance

·         10…30 VDC

·         04 and M5 Non-Flush formats

·         3 mm sensing range

·         Single piece metal housing – including the sensing face

·         Stainless steel body V2A / 1.4305 / AISI 303

·         Temperature compensation

·         Wide operating temperature from -25°C to +70°C

·         Output current 200 mA

·         High switching frequency ≤ 1'200 Hz

·         IP67 (IP68/69K test ongoing)

·         PUR cable (2m) + Pig-Tail M8 connector versions

·         Smart IO-Link communication

·         CE and UL listed certification



To obtain further details and to discuss your applications for this new high performance Series 700 miniature sensor range from Contrinex please contact:

Access Electrical (Services) Ltd




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