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MEX Range at Baumer

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MEX Range at Baumer

Pressure measurement is Baumer's speciality, be it for measuring relative and total pressure, or absolute and differential; you will find products within the MEX range at Baumer.

Thanks to their robust stainless steel housing, their instruments are suitable for use under tough conditions and in the demanding environments found in the oil and gas or petrochemical industries, and can also be used without any prolems in areas where hygiene rules apply, and for applications where sea-water is used.

Measuring pressure and filling level sensors for water treatment - for water and wastewater treatment applications, Baumer offers robust sensors for measuring pressure and filling levels that are suitable for severe vibrations and even for use with aggressive media.

MEX5 dry pressure gauge - for sever vibration environments - Baumer's MEX5 safety pressure gause was designed especially for use in aggressive gases and liquids.

For further information visit Baumer at www.baumer.com or for pricing and availability contact us at Access on 01582 697711 or sales@access-electrical.co.uk.

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