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Rechner Sensors - Easy Mount

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Rechner Sensors - Easy Mount

Easy Mount - Another technological breakthrough for Rechner

  • Prefer to sense through a non metallic window?  Ignore the foam?  See the foam?  Even on conductive liquids like soaps, that may leave a film?
  • This is no issue for the new Easy Mount sensor from Rechner.
  • Guess what...it is incredibly easy to mount!
  • This is yet another real problem solver from Rechner, the world leader in capacitive sensing technology.

The sensor is just 30mm diameter by 14mm depth, sealed to IP68, and is ideal for the level control of liquids, bulk material, position control of objects, monitoring for leaks, and much more.  The sensor it available PNP, NPN, Normally Open and Normally Closed.

There are two problems common in industry that have been solved by this new sensor from our high performance range:-

  1. Sensing a media through a window when the product leaves a film, sometimes conductive, on the inside of the window.
  2. The good old problem of wanting to see the liquid but not the foam on top - Easy Mount can be tuned to see the foam or just the liquid...your call!

Adjustment of the sensor is by means of a magnet that is supplied with the sensor.  The teaching is done with Rechner's EasyTeach philosophy, the magnet simply replacing the usual button so as to maintain the IP68 rating.  This means all you have to do is hold the magnet close to the sensor, wait for the desired option, and remove the magnet.  That's all!  A teach by wire option is also available.

Back to the name - Easy Mount

  • The sensor can be glued to a window.
  • Clipped to a range of brackets or a DINrail.
  • Or you can use a cable-tie that slots into a special groove at the back of the sensor!  How easy is that for mounting to a tube to monitor the contents?

Easy Mount - seeing is believing

For further technical information please go to www.rechner.co.uk

For pricing and availability please come to us at Access - 01582 697711 or sales@access-electrical.co.uk

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